28 July 2017

Godllywood Self Help teaches women to value themselves

The July meeting of Godllywood Self Help continued the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping women invest in themselves and equipping them to transform their lives and live as Godly women.

By exploring common attitudes and behaviour, often prescribed by society as being the norm, women learn that these accepted practices do not always produce positive results. Each meeting women discover insights and find that small changes often result in powerful mindset shifts which improve their quality of life and help them find peace and renewed joy.

During the programme considerable focus has been devoted to helping women understand their purpose and improve their self-esteem. Speaking to women in centres throughout South Africa and in neighbouring countries including, Botswana, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe, Bishop Marcelo Pires addressed the important subject of women’s value. Breaking with tradition of having a woman speaker, this meeting offered the important perspective of a man who holds women’s God-given role in the highest esteem.  

Bishop Marcelo said: "Woman was created with a specific purpose: to be a suitable helper for man. In this role, as a wife and helper, women follow the example of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, both of whom were helpers. Their role of being a partner for their husband, a companion and friend, a home maker and carer for children, is extremely important. With wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit, one of their important functions is to support and guide their partners and in this way they can make their husband a strong man. To be effective in this role they need to understand and accept their value."

He said that many women feel that they are worthless because of the way they have been treated. If they have been disrespected, abused or abandoned, they believe their value has been destroyed. Demonstrating using a R200 note, he explained that the money holds its value regardless of whether it is newly minted, or has been folded, crumpled and trodden on. No matter its appearance, it is still worth R200.  Bishop Marcelo said: "Regardless of life’s circumstances or what has happened to you, your value hasn’t changed. You remain precious and important. You may be unaware of how valuable you are, or your idea of your value may change depending on your self-esteem, but your worth remains the same. Because women have been created in the same position as the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit (as helpers), they are the most powerful of God’s creation. Men are nothing without women because they need women’s wisdom and assistance. Women also have an essential responsibility as home makers and caregivers for families."

He posed the question: "If we accept that women were created with the esteemed position of being a suitable wife and helper for men, why do women allow themselves to be humiliated and mistreated? Because they have lost their focus. Women of God need to align their minds with the will of God and avoid focusing on diversions which distract them from their purpose."

He encouraged women to take care of themselves, but not to become obsessed with vanity nor become too critical of their more mature appearance. He said: "If your body has given birth and breast fed children, be proud and accept that you are still beautiful.” Some women lose focus by their strong need to belong and be accepted by family or society values. He said: “These women believe they have to be married and have children to belong, and this forces them to make poor choices. Others show off their bodies and use them in return for “blessings” which may be money or status. All these women are examples of people who trade their God-given position of helpers and allow themselves to be used, abused and discarded."

Bishop Marcelo urged: "Stop begging for love and attention. Stop devaluing yourself and start appreciating your value.  Align your mind with God’s purpose. Delight in the Lord. Take pleasure in obeying the word of God and He will satisfy all the desires of your heart. He will give you a man who will complete you and who will be a great husband, father and best friend. If you are in an abusive relationship, you need to face it. Ignoring it will not resolve the situation."

Women were encouraged to surrender their lives to God and to understand the importance of their role as a suitable helper and wife. Bishop Marcelo said: "You are no longer available to be used. You are not for sale. You may not be abused or mistreated. You belong to God. Receive peace, love and forgiveness for past mistakes. Receive the desire to love yourself. Receive new life and joy. Your past is over. Jesus accepts you and embraces you. Nobody will use you again. Only Jesus will use you for His purposes."

The next Godllywood Self Help meeting will be held in October. Everyone is welcome to attend and invited to wear traditional dress for this celebration.

For further information, please contact the church’s public relations department on 011 224 3400 or pr@uckg.org.za

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