06 July 2023

A distraction turned into addiction

“I was raised by my grandmother because my parents were absent from my life. This affected me emotionally to a point that I started having hallucinations.

My academic studies were negatively affected because even when I was at school, I only thought about my problems. I became dejected. I started watching pornography as a way of distracting myself. I became so addicted to it that I watched it even when I did not want to. I wanted to be free of this addiction, but did not know how to stop it.

One evening, I was listening to the Stop Suffering programme of the Universal Church on the radio and I heard a testimony from someone who had a similar problem that I had and overcame. The next morning, I looked for the church.

When I arrived in the church, a pastor counselled me. He encouraged me to attend the service on Sunday and I did so. I participated in the chains of prayers for my deliverance from hallucinations, depression and addiction.

I also understood that in order for me to live a fulfilled life, I had to commit my life to God. I got baptised in water to mark the start of a new life in the presence of God.

The 21-day Fast of Daniel was introduced in the church and I saw that as an opportunity for me to get closer to God. I prayed and read my Bible everyday. After the fast had concluded, I attended a Wednesday service where I sought the Holy Spirit earnestly. I received the Holy Spirit and had the assurance that God was with me. I experienced an inexplicable peace.

I am blessed and I have been transformed inside out. I am no longer depressed, addicted nor do I have hallucinations. Through my faith, I can overcome any problem, no matter how big. Today, I see problems as an opportunity to get closer to God,” said Lebohang.