19 October 2018

Addiction delayed my progress

Growing up in a family where everyone drank alcohol exposed Sipho, the youngest child, to alcohol and dagga when he was in grade eight. His mother and six siblings all drank alcohol and Sipho followed in their footsteps.

"I drank alcohol excessively and did not do my homework. As a result, I repeated almost all my grades in high school. I also smoked dagga and dated many girls. I never lacked money to buy alcohol because most of my friends were not attending school and they robbed people in order to get money. I gambled with my lunch money in order to feed my addiction," he said.

Worried about his excessive alcohol intake, his aunt invited Sipho to the Universal Church.

"I attended the services with my aunt and continued drinking, smoking dagga and dating many women. It was after I failed grade 10 that I needed to change my life. I was the oldest of everyone in my class and a part of me wanted to quit school. The thought that I was going to live with crime and addiction all my life compelled me to seek help," he said.

The following year Sipho went back to school and repeated grade 10. He continued attending the services and committed his life to God.

"I attended the youth services where I learnt that it was possible to enjoy my youth without substance abuse," said Sipho.

He attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy and was able to stop drinking alcohol and smoking dagga before the month ended.

"I found new friends at church and I stopped going out with my old ones. I ended all my relationships with the girls I dated because I wanted to be faithful to God with my life. My performance picked up and I passed my grade 10 with good marks. I continued doing well and completed matric in 2016. I am now free from all addictions and am doing an 18-month course in marketing research. The presence of God gave me direction and discipline," said Sipho.

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