11 July 2019

Alcohol and dagga could not heal me

In search of comfort after losing his mother when he was 17, Thabiso started drinking alcohol heavily and soon became addicted to it.

"My mother passed on after a short illness and that haunted me because I never had time to build a relationship with her while she was alive. She drank heavily and embarrassed me when I was with my friends. We didn’t have a healthy relationship, but I never thought her passing would leave me with such a void," he said.

Thabiso sought comfort in drinking alcohol and smoking dagga.

"I seldom attended church services with my grandmother at that time. I wasn't coping well with my mother's passing, as a result I even failed grade ten. I rebelled against my grandmother who I lived with. On one occasion my friends and I burnt a plastic dustbin while we were drunk and my friend's mother accused me of being a bad influence.  I became angry because none of my friends defended me.

The disappointment on my grandmother's face made me realise that I was wasting my life by drinking alcohol and smoking dagga. I committed myself to God that same month. I stopped drinking alcohol and smoking dagga and was later baptised in water. I now have a good relationship with my grandmother and have made peace with my mother's passing. I'm currently studying primary health care and my ever-growing relationship with God keeps me away from any trouble," said Thabiso.