05 October 2023

Conquering pain and addiction

“My husband was unfaithful to me and he was very abusive. After our separation, I started drinking excessively. The pain of his infidelity was unbearable, especially because it involved people I knew.

In an attempt to cope, I turned to drinking. My children suffered the most. Instead of caring for them and providing for their needs, I chose to prioritise my addiction. I was trapped in a cycle of despair, feeling as though death would be a better option. I longed for something that could alleviate my pain.

My sister suggested that I attend services in the Universal Church. In the church, the pastor preached about the importance of personal hygiene and representing oneself well. His words resonated with me, and I started taking care of myself again. I participated in the chains of prayers for my deliverance from addiction. Gradually, I managed to break free from the grip of alcohol. However, my children still lived with their grandmother due to my inability to provide for them.

Determined to turn my life around, I sought employment and eventually found a job. I devoted myself to prayer, waking up at night to pray and seek the presence of God. I managed to conquer my depression. Following the guidance I received in the church. I also got baptised in water to symbolise a new start in God’s presence.

God has blessed me abundantly. I am no longer addicted, depressed or suicidal. I left my job and opened a day-care centre. I have found happiness, sobriety, and the ability to care for my children. One of them is now married, and I even look after their children. I am truly grateful and blessed.

I am also working on starting a boarding creche but I approach it with a humble heart, knowing that my success lies in trusting and believing in God,” said Onikah.