17 July 2018

Every cent went on gambling

"I started gambling because I was not satisfied with my salary and wanted quick money. It however became an addiction that I battled to overcome for four years.

My first few months of gambling were so exciting because I won between R500 and R600 and that encouraged me to increase the money I gambled with. I was paid weekly at my job and I would gamble with my whole salary hoping to double or triple it, but I would lose every cent. The next day I would ask my employer to give me an advance on my salary for transport to work. My addiction to gambling became uncontrollable as I gambled every single day, during working hours, lunch time and after work. It also affected my relationships with friends and other people around me, because I borrowed money from them and did not pay them back.

To shift my focus away from the debts I could not pay, I drank alcohol heavily and smoked cigarettes. In 2016, I was invited to the Universal Church and I came because I wanted to stop gambling and get out of debt.

I attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy meetings on Sundays for my alcohol, cigarette and gambling problems. It was after six months in the church that I was able to overcome my gambling addiction, quit alcohol and stop smoking.

When God freed me from my addiction I went back to everyone I owed and apologised and I started paying them back one by one. This year I started a construction company, doing painting, tiling and paving. My company is making good profit. Committing my life to God taught me to live responsibly and be at peace with everyone around me. God is the one who fulfils all my needs. I no longer have to gamble in order to make more money," said Mzamo.

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