06 July 2023

Overcoming addiction and depression

“When I was 15 years old, my parents separated. It was difficult and I did not know how to cope with that situation. I then made friends with the wrong crowd who smoked dagga and drank alcohol. I became addicted to cigarettes and dagga. I could not go a day with smoking.

I knew my lifestyle was detrimental to my wellbeing and I wanted to quit smoking, but I could not. I slipped into depression because I did not know how I could break free from my addiction. My academic studies were badly affected. My grades dropped and because of that, I was not accepted at a tertiary institution. I felt alone and to make matters worse, my mother was ill around that time.

My friend invited me to attend services in the Universal Church. During the preaching, the pastor said that God wanted to transform my life regardless of how bad my situation was. Hearing those words made me hopeful. I took part in chains of prayers for my deliverance and for my mother’s healing and I fasted. In no time, I was freed from addiction and my mother was healed.

My life has changed tremendously. I am no longer addicted nor am I depressed. I live a peaceful life. I turn to God for guidance. I am happily married and have a family of my own. Ever since I received the presence of God, my outlook on life has changed for the better,” said Albert.