06 March 2019

The toilet was my bedroom

"I battled with alcohol addiction for three years. I could not provide for my partner and our child. I also battled to pay the monthly rent for the room we lived in and my landlord chased me out of the room.

She allowed my partner to stay because she had a baby. I spent my first night at a nearby park where I was threatened by robbers who took my shoes. I then sneaked back during the night to sleep in a toilet when my landlord was asleep. The mother of my child became tired of my excessive drinking and she left with our baby. I developed anger and hatred towards her.

I was invited to the Universal Church in 2015 and attended services on Fridays for deliverance from alcohol. After three months in the church I was able to quit alcohol but struggled to let go of the grudges I had towards the mother of my child until I attended the church’s Good Friday event at Ellis Park Stadium.

The bishop told the congregants that holding grudges was one of the things that separates us from God. That same day I called the mother of my child and I asked her to forgive me for hurting her with my behaviour. I also understood that it was my behaviour that pushed her away.

Making peace with her brought me peace. I am now focusing on developing my spiritual life by attending services on Wednesdays," said Ngqabutho.

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