27 July 2023

Triumphing over addiction and finding hope

“I grew up attending services in the Universal Church but I only did that to please my mother. My life, however, was not truly committed to God. I was not entirely obedient to the teachings I received in the church. When I was 13 years old, I got involved with the wrong crowd and started smoking and drinking.

I smoked crack cocaine and mandrax. I went to nightclubs where I stole people’s phones and then sold them to feed my addiction. I once drove to a club and drank heavily. On my way home, I was speeding and I lost control of the car which rolled about three times.  I was physically unscathed although the car was a wreck.

That accident was enough to make me realise that my reckless lifestyle would inevitably lead me to premature death or imprisonment. Unfortunately, just two months after the incident, I faced another devastating blow as my mother passed away. I was unemployed around that time.

I had to take a decision to change my life. I started faithfully attending the services in the church. I engaged in the chains of prayers for my complete deliverance from addiction and indeed, I was delivered from the grip of addiction.

I also got baptised in water to symbolise my decision to start a new life in God's presence. When the Campaign of Israel was introduced in the church, I saw an opportunity to change my life. I participated in the campaign and I made my sacrifice for my inner transformation.

I fasted. I read my Bible and woke up at night to seek the Holy Spirit. I was sincere with God. I attended a service and I sought the Holy Spirit. I wanted to live only for God. During the prayer, I had peace and I was happy.  From that day, things were never the same.

I no longer have a desire to smoke or drink alcohol. I no longer go to nightclubs. I have my own business of supplying mines with mine materials. I am happily married and have a daughter. We live in a good home and we have a car,” said Sonwabile.