22 November 2018

When entertainment turns into addiction

Trying to please the new friends she and her husband made, drove Vuyiswa into drinking alcohol, a habit which she eventually became addicted.

She and her husband belonged to a group of newlyweds who met every weekend for a braai and drinks.

"I was the only one who didn’t drink alcohol and as time went by I felt bad and started drinking.  My husband and I spent more and more money on alcohol, to the point where we started having financial problems," she said.  

Vuyiswa and her husband already had two children, but their financial problems led them to divorce.

"We were married for five years when we decided to get divorced. It was not an easy decision and I later suffered depression and spent two weeks in hospital for it. After I was discharged, I drank even more," she said.

Her addiction proved to be a problem even in her second marriage.

"I continued drinking even though my new husband did not drink. I came home in the early hours of the morning, while Abel was at home sleeping. I sometimes put my shoes on top of a kitchen cupboard. I spent most of my time away with friends at stokvel meetings and baby showers. We vowed to each other that we were going to meet in hell with our cooler boxes full of alcohol," she said.

Fearing that she might lose her husband because of her abuse of alcohol, Vuyiswa decided to join her mother in attending church services.

"I did not want to lose my husband who loved me regardless of my flaws. I knew that I was not going to be able to quit alcohol on my own. I attended the services every day and after months I was able to stop drinking. Today I’m alcohol-free and in the presence of God and the happiness I have inside is nothing compared to what the world offered me," she concluded.

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