26 September 2018

10 years of misery and despair

"It became difficult for me to provide for my children after I left my abusive husband who drank alcohol, cheated on me and beat me up. I took my three children with me and we shared a house with my grandmother, mother and brother.

My mother was a domestic worker and we all depended on her financially. That put more financial strain on my mother who was already pulling hard because she had to pay for my children’s school fees and buy them uniforms. It was so tough that we sometimes had to share the little food she brought from her employers.

I was ashamed because I could not provide for myself and my children. I later left my children with my grandmother and moved to Johannesburg to look for a job. I stayed with my cousin in her employer’s house. I always had to hide from her employers because I was not allowed to stay there.  Five years went by without securing a job and I could not visit my children or send them money. That was the most painful time of my life. I lost hope of finding a job and even thought I was cursed.

In my sixth year in Johannesburg I started to find part-time domestic jobs. The curse continued haunting me because all my jobs never lasted for more than three months. I was always fired for no reason or told that I was going to be called, but I would never hear from the employer again. For another five years I was in and out of jobs until 1999, after I listened to the Universal Church's Worker's Prayer on radio.  For that whole week, I drank water and prayed with the pastor on the programme, without fail. I also took down the church's address in my area and attended a service on Sunday and on Monday when I asked God to bless me with a job. 

The first company I took my CV to, on a Tuesday, hired me as a receptionist and I started working on the same day. I was able to provide for my children and help my mother financially.  I continued attending the services on Thursdays and prayed for my love life. In 2010, I met Champ and we dated. We got married the following year. I am enjoying marriage the way God intended it to be. My children are now working and living on their own. I no longer live a shameful life of depending on people for financial support because my God is my provider," said Lydia.

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