02 August 2023

Complete dependence on God

“My parents separated when I was only four years old. I had to be raised by my stepmothers because my father had three other wives, and the situation at home was difficult because he was the sole-breadwinner. I had no school shoes and my father could not afford them.

After my father passed on, I could not finish school because no one paid my school fees. I later moved to South Africa in search for a job. I struggled to find a job because I did not know how to read, write or speak in English. After a while, my friend found me a job at a panel beating shop. I was a cleaner there and I was also learning how to fix cars.

Because I had witnessed my father with three wives, I thought it was normal. I had a girlfriend and had a child with her. I met another woman and I also had a child with her. One of my girlfriends was invited to attend services in the Universal Church. She invited me to attend as well. We attended a service and when it had ended, we spoke to the pastor. He advised us to participate in the chains of prayers.

I heard a preaching in one of the services that made me realise that the life I was living was not right before God. I decided to break up with one of my girlfriends. I obeyed and put into practice what I was taught in the church. Through the chain of prayer on Mondays, I was able to get my own place and start my own panel beating workshop.

I got married and have one wife. I support my children. My family is blessed and God is our provider. My business is doing well and I also have employees. After receiving the Holy Spirit, there was a great change inside of me,” said Celso.