27 November 2018

Her dream finally came through

Kedibone's dream of starting a home for the elderly only materialised after she took part in the Campaign of Israel in 2017

"It pained me to see elderly people living by themselves, some being abused after they were abandoned by their immediate families. I developed a desire to start an old age home, however the financing proved to be a problem. I knocked on many doors in order to realise my dream, but found no financial help," she said.

Last year, Kedibone committed herself in the Campaign of Israel and that was when her dream of six years was realised.

"Barely a week into the campaign, I received a phone call from an organisation that funds old age homes, offering me money to start my project. In June this year, I was able to build a six-roomed house with a spacious kitchen and three bathrooms. I have ten volunteers who help me to look after six senior citizens. Taking a leap of faith made my dream a reality. I'm happy that I’m able to help those who are in need," she said.

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