30 April 2019

Hope for a better future

Attending services at the Universal Church taught Nthabeleng to work hard and trust in God for her dreams to become a reality. That was after she failed matric in 2009.

"I felt like a failure and had low self-esteem. I knew it was important for me to pass my matric. When I rewrote the following year, I passed. I applied for a bursary to further my studies, but my application was declined.

None of my family members were working and that made me feel hopeless. I kept on applying for a bursary, but my application was always declined. I stayed at home depressed for six years and I felt it was the end of the road for me. I gave up on my dream because I believed there was no way out. I was so discouraged that I did not even apply for a job because I did not believe I was good enough," said Nthabeleng.

She took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and was encouraged to work hard, put her faith into action and trust in God.

"I understood that if I gave up, my life was going to remain the same. As I continued attending Monday services, I was encouraged to follow my dream and put my faith into action. In 2016, I applied to study for a bachelor's degree in teaching. When I was accepted, I applied for a bursary. In 2017, I was awarded a bursary for a degree in teaching. I am now doing my third year," she said.

Nthabiseng not only focused on her studies, but on her spiritual growth too. She sought God's presence because she understood the importance of her salvation.

"I am now spiritually mature. I am confident and through God I received hope for a better future," said Nthabeleng.

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