15 January 2018

I battled to overcome my excessive alcohol intake

Azaldo had a well-paid job, but nothing to show for it because he spent his salary on his alcohol addiction. He lived with his wife and their two children in a one-roomed shack.

"For over eight years, I battled to stop drinking alcohol. I could not see the fruits of my labour because I used most of my salary to buy alcohol.

I didn't give my wife enough money to buy groceries and always fought with her over money. My heavy drinking worsened as I ended up buying food on credit from a local supermarket.  I paid them at month-end then took more groceries on credit again.

I hid my salary from my wife because I didn't want her to see how much I earned, so that I could have more for alcohol. She did not understand why I gave her so little money as I sometimes worked nightshifts and overtime. I became stressed about my situation when I was sober because I had nothing to show as a man who worked. I always made promises to myself that I was going to quit alcohol, but I never could," he said.

 Azaldo was invited to the Universal Church in 2010.

"At a service, the pastor explained how many people were not blessed because they did not obey the word of God. I could relate to his preaching because I also had nothing to show in life. I knew that the money I spent on alcohol was more than what I spent on my life and my family. I took part in the chain of prayer on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from alcohol addiction. I committed my life to God and He gave me strength to resist the temptation of drinking. I used the money on improving my life and providing for my family.

I paid up my debts and stopped buying food on credit. My wife noticed the changes and started coming to the church with me. In 2012, I started a hardware shop and later opened a hair salon. I then resigned from my job because I wanted to run my businesses full time.

My financial life improved greatly. I later bought some land and built my own house. Early this year I bought a brand-new car, a Toyota Corolla. I now involve my wife in financial matters. God gave me the wisdom I needed to lead my household and run my businesses," he said. 


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