04 June 2018

I now lack nothing

For 30 years Naniki and her family lived in a four-roomed shack that did not have electricity.

"Candles were the only source of light we had and we used a paraffin stove to cook. I was ashamed of our shack because all my friends lived in beautiful houses," said Naniki.

When she was doing her matric in 2002, Naniki saw an advert for the Universal Church in a magazine and a page where one could write a prayer request.

"I wrote my prayer request and asked God to bless my family with a house. During winter school holidays, I walked past the Universal Church and I attended a service. I took my prayer request with me on my second day in the church and then continued attending the services," said Naniki.

After she completed her matric, Naniki was awarded a bursary to study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics.

"I completed my studies after four years and found a job in the government sector. In 2015, I started selling health and beauty products to earn extra money," she said.

She later took part in the Campaign of Israel and God honoured her faith.

"I bought a Mercedes Benz in 2017. This year, in February, I bought a double storey house in a suburb. My siblings are also blessed with good jobs and we built a house for our parents. I am now not ashamed of my  home," said Naniki