07 December 2018

Lacking wisdom and skills

Unable to provide for her two children and pay the house bond, Rosina decided to resign from her job of more than 20 years and started a printing business.

"The business went horribly wrong and I lost all my money. I depended on people to help me because I did not have adequate skills to run my business, but they always robbed me and some disappeared into thin air with my money. I ended up owing rent for the business and could not pay suppliers. The situation became worse

"The greatest change started within me as I developed courage to fight for my life" than it had been before I resigned from my long-standing job, as I could not pay the bond and school fees for my children. I was forced to close my business because I had nothing left in my bank account. I regretted resigning from my job and starting a business that left me deeply in debt," she said.

Ashamed of her poor decisions, Rosina decided to seek God's help. "I came across the Universal Church and went inside for prayer. I continued attending services on Mondays where I asked God to bless my financial life.

The greatest change started within me as I developed courage to fight for my life. After four months in the church, I received a call from someone I knew offering me the opportunity of working with them on their project. Initially she paid me commission, but two years later she handed over the business to me and my situation changed. I was able to pay my bond, put my child through tertiary education and bought myself a car. I later sold my house and bought another one in a suburb. I don’t owe anyone anything anymore.

I was able to provide for my children and save my house that was about to be repossessed by the bank," she said.

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