12 June 2023

Living a debt-free life

“My father passed away when I was five years old and my mother was a domestic worker. She struggled to make ends meet until she retired. My older sister had to take care of us. I dropped out of school in grade 11 to look for a job to take care of my family.

I moved to Johannesburg to look for a job. I couldn’t find anything for some time until I started working in a laboratory. I then worked as a technician, but later resigned and decided to invest the pay- out money I had received.

I was invited to attend services in the Universal Church. I was not committed to God at first. I started a relationship with a woman and when she decided to break things off, my life went into a downward spiral. I stopped attending church services. I did not know how to handle the situation. I was invited again to the church. I started attending services in the Soweto Cathedral, which is now the Holy Ground and I engaged in the chain of prayers for the transformation of my life.

I later got married. My wife and I brought a house. After some time, my wife lost her job and we began to sink in debt. We built up debts amounting to R140 000. I asked God to show us a way out of this situation. I reached out to the place where I had made my investment back in 2001. They told me that the money had matured and paid out the whole lump sum which enabled me to pay off the R140 000 debt that we had.

We also managed to buy wedding rings to renew our vows because we are celebrating our marriage of 16 years. We are truly blessed because we know that God is providing for us,” said Bethuel.