05 January 2018

My faith changed my life

When Sibongile came to the church in 2002, she was so sick that she had to close down her clothing business.

"I had a small clothing business that gave me a good profit. I started experiencing unbearable abdominal pains that went all the way down to my feet, causing them to swell. It became difficult for me to go on with my business as I spent my days sleeping and nursing the pain.  I no longer had income and depended on my husband who worked at a steel company three days in a week," said Sibongile.

She went to many doctors who gave her different diagnoses and medication, but her health did not improve.  By chance she met a Universal Church member. "One morning I woke up feeling a bit better so I decided to seize the opportunity and stock up on clothes because I wanted to revive my business. I met a lady in the shop who invited me to the church after I opened up to her about my ordeal. I followed her to the church after we finished our shopping," she said.

Sibongile took part in different movements of faith which helped her. "I  did not doubt it was God's power that healed me. I committed my life to Him. Our financial situation improved and my husband bought a van that we used to transport people from a local flea market. I went back to my clothing business and we started another one selling second-hand material to build shacks," said Sibongile.

When the Campaign of Israel was introduced, Sibongile took part because she knew that God honoured the faith of those who trust Him.

"Our building material business expanded and I stopped selling clothes. I demolished my four-roomed house and built an 11-roomed double storey. My husband later left his job and we started a farm with just one cow and today we have 18 cows, 18 goats and four cars," she said.

After they took part in another Campaign of Israel last year, Sibongile and her husband were able to open a hardware business. "My journey with God has taught me that all things are possible with Him and He shows Himself faithful to those whose lives belong to Him." she said.

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