11 July 2023

My faith changed my life

“My mother and I started attending services in the Universal Church when I was very young. I was raised by both parents and had a very good childhood.

After matriculating, I furthered my studies in a tertiary institution. Around that time, I lost interest in going to church. I preferred being with my friends. I started drinking alcohol and smoking dagga.

After I completed my studies, I found a job, but in less than a year, I lost it. I could not keep a job for more than a year. Nothing in my life was working out. I would start something but not have the strength to finish it. I realised that I needed to change my bad behaviour and I turned to God for help.

I started attending services in the Holy Ground and I participated in the chains of prayers for my deliverance and financial breakthrough. One assistant in the church told me that I had to surrender my life to God if I wanted to be blessed in every area of my life. I stopped drinking and smoking. I committed my life to God and I was sincere with Him.

I was later called by one of the lecturers at the culinary school where I studied. She told me that they needed a lecturer and she recommended me. Not only was I blessed with a job, I also experienced changes in other areas in my life. My relationship with my family improved tremendously. I am a changed woman and I lead a very peaceful life,” said Lwethu.