09 July 2018

No hope of owning a house

For 10 years Ellen, her husband and three children were crammed into a room without electricity and had no hope of owning a house.

"My husband was the only one working. The room we rented was very small for five of us and we had no privacy. We were the only people in our street without electricity. Our food spoiled quickly because we did not have a refrigerator. We used a paraffin stove to cook.

My children slept on the floor because we had one bed. They had to play outside whenever we took a bath," said Ellen.

In 1995 she was invited to the Universal Church and came because she wanted God to end her suffering.

"I took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and asked God for a financial breakthrough. I learned to be faithful to God and trusted that He would help me resolve my problems. A year later I got an RDP house for my family and that gave us more space and the privacy that we never had. My husband later built five rooms in our backyard and we rented them out," said Ellen.

When the Campaign of the Temple of Solomon was introduced in 2016, she took part and believed that God was going to honour her faith.

"I saved money that I received from the people who rented the outside rooms and I was able to extend our RDP house to five rooms. God made it possible for me to own a house, something that was a far-fetched dream for me. The days of living a life of shame are over because I now have electricity, something I never had. My two children are in high school while the other one is working. I am financially blessed," said Ellen.

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