04 April 2019

Qualified and unemployed

Being unable to secure a job for three years, even though she had three qualifications from different institutions, left Ntebatse in despair.

"I went for many interviews but never made it to the position that I was qualified for. I then changed career and studied Electrical Engineering thinking that I was going to be employable, but I still could not secure a job.

I also went for interviews but no company wanted to hire me. People I studied with were making progress while I battled to find a job. That made me lose hope and left me emotionally drained. I was later diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication," she said.

Her situation bothered her so much that she started avoiding people and always locked herself in her room.

"I spent most of my time crying in a room and later became short tempered," she said.

In 2018, Ntebatse was invited to the Universal Church by her mother's friend.

"I attended services on Wednesdays for my spiritual development and understood that I needed to surrender all my worries to God and trust Him. I felt at peace and developed hope for the job of my dreams.

In February, this year, I was able to secure a well-paid job as an engineer. I am now enjoying financial and mental freedom. I have peace and I can socialise," said Ntebatse.

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