09 October 2018

Seven years of struggle and unemployment

For seven years, Joyce struggled to find a job and did not have her own place to stay. She depended on her friends for financial support.

"I stayed with my friend and her husband. A month later, someone I knew asked me to look after her house because she lived and worked in another town. That did not give me complete relief because I did not have money to buy food. I slept on an empty stomach if my friends did not give me food," said Joyce.

A friend invited Joyce to the Universal Church.

"I came because she assured me that my life was going to change. I attended the services on Mondays and prayed for a financial breakthrough. I later found a job in a shop and my life improved.  I also sold designer containers and cleaning products. This year I got married to Ramafale after we dated for six years. We have our own place to stay and it is fully furnished. I lack nothing and I no longer depend on friends because God is my provider," said Joyce. 

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