21 May 2019

Unemployed and suicidal

Losing her job and a place to stay, taught Michelle to depend completely on God and use her faith to change her situation. She was retrenched as a waitress after the restaurant was taken over by new owners.

"Losing my job of three years left me devastated because I had three children to provide for. I couldn't pay school fees for my children or rent for the flat we lived in. I had to take two of my children to my mother because I could not bear the pain of seeing them going to bed hungry. I was ashamed to talk about my financial situation at church even though I had been a member for many years. I eventually became suicidal," said Michelle.

It was after she tried to commit suicide three times in a year that she realised she had nothing to lose by sharing her financial struggles with a pastor in the church.

"I was encouraged to surrender my problems to God and trust Him. I was delivered from suicidal thoughts after a month and I developed hope for a financially blessed life. At a service, I was inspired to start a business, supplying stationery to different schools. My business grew and I now have financial freedom and peace as I no longer worry about where the next meal is going to come from," said Michelle.