06 July 2023

Unemployed for more than five years

Life was an uphill battle for Emma who suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse when she was growing up. It was after she was invited by her friend to attend services in the Universal Church that her life started transforming.

“My life was difficult. My family was completely destroyed. We had no peace and that affected me negatively. I shared my story with one of my friends who was attending services in the Universal Church and she invited me to join her.

I engaged in the chains of prayers for the restoration of my family and for my inner healing. I also fasted and prayed because I wanted to see changes in my life. Things started improving at home because my family became united.

However, things took a turn for the worse after I matriculated.  I enrolled at a tertiary institution, but had to drop out because of financial difficulties. I could not afford my tuition fees. I applied for jobs in various places but nothing worked. I was unemployed for more than five years.

When I heard about the event of the Water of Great Miracles, I saw an opportunity for my life to change. Last year, I applied for a job in the Department of Infrastructure and I had not yet received any response. After I drank the water from the well, things improved greatly. I was called to sign my contract to start working. This was only possible through the power of faith. I am very happy,” said Emma.