07 February 2018

I was diagnosed with one sickness after the other

Unable to walk and being bedridden for two years left Hilda with no hope of finding a cure for her illness. She was diagnosed with asthma when she was a year old.

"I could not run around or play with other children because I was sometimes short of breath. My health proved to be a problem even after I started school. I sometimes went to school for one day in a week," she said.

Her health problems put a financial strain on her parents and they used every cent they had in search of a cure. Instead of seeing improvements in her health, Hilda developed epilepsy when she was 16 years old.

"Each time I had an epileptic attack, I bit my tongue. My knee joints became stiff and I could not walk. I dropped out of school in grade 10 because the epilepsy affected my ability to walk. I was then admitted to the hospital. My knees swelled up and I could not even go to the bathroom by myself. I lay in bed day and night with no hope. The doctors also lost hope and sent me back home. They told me I would never be able to walk again," said Hilda.

The same week she was discharged from the hospital, her mother was invited to the Universal Church. She attended the services on Tuesdays and prayed for Hilda's healing.

"She brought me the blessed oil from the church that I applied to my knees every day. I went to the church with her and three months later, I was able to bend my knees and walk again. I continued anointing myself with oil on my chest and my head and I was later healed from asthma and epilepsy. When the epileptic attacks stopped, I was so happy.  I could walk and go to the bathroom by myself without worrying about having another attack," said Hilda.

God continued to bless Hilda and she married Thomas in the church in 2004 after they dated for one year.

"Getting married and leading a healthy life was a far-fetched dream for me. As I kept coming to the church I was encouraged to start my own business. In 2017 I started my own internet café. I also sell beaded earrings and necklaces.  My business is doing well. I take part in the evangelical activities in the church because I want other people to find help like I did.  My relationship with God is improving every day. I don’t miss Wednesday and Sunday services for my spiritual growth," said Hilda. 

Medical Disclaimer: The Universal Church does not claim to heal anyone, but believes that through the power of faith in the name of Jesus, a person can receive healing. Those under medical treatment are advised to continue taking prescribed medication and following their doctors instructions.