15 March 2020

Betrayal Left Me Battling With Anger Issues

The pain of being cheated on by the man I loved and trusted felt like my heart was pierced by a sharp object. It left me bitter and depressed for ten years. His friend told me where to find him with another woman. I was overwhelmed by anger and took water boiling on the stove, intending to burn them, but they fled.

He coerced me into employing his girlfriend in my tuck shop and forced me to accept her. He mocked me for being an uneducated domestic worker. His infidelity left me battling with confidence issues and I developed pimples which oozed yellow pus.

I ended the relationship, but struggled to forgive. Attending services at the Universal Church in 2008, ushered me to a life that is free from anger and bitterness. I understood that letting go of grudges was all I needed in order to have the character of God.

The chains of hatred and grudges were broken and I started the journey of allowing the Holy Spirit to heal and comfort me. The peace I had within started showing on my face. My pimples disappeared and my skin became smooth and beautiful.

I have made peace with him and we are civil in our co-parenting,” said Joyce.