05 September 2018

Contentment in wrong places

Witnessing his parents' constant fights caused Ildo to lose concentration at school and try to find comfort in the wrong places.

His parents drank alcohol and they fought physically when they were drunk.

"At home there was no peace because my parents fought each time they were drunk. They fought in front of me and I could not stand seeing them fighting each other. At school I could not concentrate because I was always worried about my parents," said Ildo.

To shift his focus away from his parents' constant fights Ildo drank alcohol and went to parties with his friends when he was 13 years old.

"Drinking alcohol and going to parties gave me the comfort I needed. We used to put together money for lunch with my friends and bought alcohol so we could drink on weekends," said Ildo.

He could not balance school and entertainment and as a result he failed two times in high school.

"All my friends passed and I was the only one who failed. I realised I needed to be serious with my studies because I wanted to become a doctor. I started doing my homework and studied hard before the examination and I managed to completed my matric. However, I was not accepted at the university because I did not meet the requirements," said Ildo.

Unable to find a job for two years, Ildo found comfort in drinking, going to parties and dating many women. His high school girlfriend invited him to the Universal Church in 1999.

"I came to please my girlfriend, but I continued drinking alcohol and cheating on her. I sometimes came to church drunk. I asked God to deliver me from alcohol. I surrendered my life to God because I saw a need to change. I was delivered from alcohol and I ended all my relationships with other women. I became faithful to my girlfriend.

I decided to do things right before God and married my partner after we dated for 12 years.  I now live a clean life before God and I understood that a man must be faithful to one woman. We have two children and I am able to take care of my family. In God I found peace and comfort," said Ildo.

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