01 August 2018

Family comes first

It became difficult for Emma to cope with the passing of her mother when she was 11 years old. Moving in with her aunt made matters worse as they constantly fought over minor things.

"My aunty was a very strict person. I felt she didn't give me time and space to mourn my mother. She complained about food and always yelled for no reason and because of that I lost respect for her. As I grew older I became tired of her strictness and started backchatting. That strained our relationship a lot. I had no inner peace as I missed my mother wishing she was still alive. I was approaching my 20s when I thought about killing myself because I could not stand how life was.

However, I never executed my plan. Instead I moved to Johannesburg where my aunt from mother’s side lived. My uncle was a member of the Universal Church and I joined him because I felt only having an encounter with God could set me free from the hurt and grudges I had against my aunt.

I attended church services every day because I realised that only in the church did I feel a sense of peacefulness. As time went on I understood that grudges were not a solution to anything instead they are a burden emotionally. I was also encouraged to let go of my mother’s death because nothing I did was going to return her.

I then went back to my aunt and apologised for all the wrongs I caused her. I realised that family was very important and I needed her. That opened doors of happiness in my life. A year later I met someone in the church and we dated for almost two years before he married me. I live the best life that I ever imagined. Depending on God has given me joy that I never imagined,"she said.

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