02 May 2019

My faith that never disappointed me

Using his faith as a teenager was a stepping stone for Jabulani who came to the Universal Church at the age of 12. 

When he was 15, he attended church services on Mondays for his parents who were going through financial challenges that later improved After he completed his tertiary studies, struggling to get a job of his expertise he used the same faith he had been using to develop his financial life. 

"I had finished my course in advanced sound engineering however battling to find a permanent job for over two years. It was a challenge because I was already an assistant of the church, praying for people to get their big breaks but I wasn't. I moved from Bloemfontein to Pretoria for greener pastures. I took part in one of the movements of faith in the church and believed that God was going to lead me to the right direction.

Instead of looking for a job I had a vison to start my own sound engineering company. That same year, I received a tender to provide services at one of the big festivals. That boosted my finances. The following year I received a bigger contract that gave me my big break," he said.

Jabulani started praying for his love life and in 2008, he married Refiloe after they dated for two years and they had a son four years later. He signed one contract after the other and he bought his first car a BMW, 3 series. Jabulani did not praying for greatness in his life as he believed that God bigger things instore for him. He recently bought the latest BMW X2. His business is doing well as they also rent out sound, do stage and lighting for big events.

"Listening to the word of God and believing (in what?) ushered me to the material blessing that I have. However, most of all I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit that resides in me," he said.

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