21 May 2021

Longing for the Presence of God


“Growing up I had low-self-esteem. I didn’t get on well with my siblings and I constantly fought with them.

I always wanted things to be done my way or  I would be upset and shout at my siblings.

I was already a member of the Universal Church. I started attending services with my mother when I was a toddler. However, I was not committed to God. I used to lie, gossip and I was also short-tempered.

As I continued attending services, I heard testimonies from people whose lives changed after they received the Holy Spirit. That was when I realised that I needed to change and commit my life to God.

I developed a desire to have a relationship with God and experience His presence in my life.

I decided to put the word of God into practice and do the right thing. I stopped gossiping and lying because it was not good for my spiritual life.

I was baptised in water and lived a life that pleased God. I read the Bible and attended Wednesday services to strengthen my faith.

When I was baptised with the Holy Spirit, I received peace.  It was a joyous experience in my life. I now have a good relationship with my siblings and no longer fight with them. I love and respect them and I do my house chores without complaining.

I am now committed to God with my life through the Holy Spirit who gave me the assurance of my salvation,” said Nokuthula.