09 November 2018

A campaign that changed my life

Being tormented by the spirit of darkness for many years turned Nosipho into a loner who battled with low-self-esteem.

"My whole face became itchy and it felt like something was moving around on my head. The itchiness made me so uncomfortable around people to the point where I started isolating myself.  My confidence dropped and I fought with the father of my baby. He left me when our child was 18 months old. That made me believe I was bewitched.

In 2001 I was invited to the Universal Church. I spoke to a pastor who assured me that nothing was impossible for God.

 At the service every morning I started washing my face with holy water. I devoted myself to different Chains of Prayer because I had been unemployed for five years. That same year I secured a job. The itchiness on my face and head stopped. I no longer feel anything moving on my face.

Two years later the father of my child came back and we got married in 2007. We had another baby. After taking part in the Campaign of Israel, I was able to start a transport business where I deliver newspapers and magazines to different supermarkets. I was able to build double storey backrooms that I’m renting out to people. I am happier and have peace because I fully depend on God," said Nosipho.