23 July 2019

An outcast from the family

"Growing up, my mother and I lived in a family house with my grandparents who physically and emotionally abused us. My mother was working, but she could not buy clothes or food for us because she was forced to give my grandparents her salary.

They did not give us food to eat and they sometimes chased us out of the house. We slept at our neighbours' houses and they also donated food and clothes to us. We were constantly beaten by my grandparents for no reason and that turned me into a bitter and angry child.

When I was nine years old, my mother and I moved out of the house to live in a shack on our own. Life became much better and my mother later got married. My stepfather took care of us and loved me as his own child, but I did not appreciate the things he did for me because I was still angry and bitter. In 2004, my mother was invited to the Universal Church and we attended services together.

I attended the services every Wednesday and I understood the importance of forgiveness. I then asked God to help me because it was not easy for me to let go of the grudges. As I continued trusting God, I was able to completely forgive my grandparents. I was able to build a good relationship with my stepfather and I appreciated him.

My stepfather saved money and he was able to buy us a house. God gave me a good home and family structure, something I did not have while growing up. Unfortunately, in 2015, he passed away after a short illness. Giving my life to God freed me from anger and bitterness. I am content and have the assurance of my salvation," said Elizabeth.