19 October 2018

Anger pushed me to the limit

Breaking up with his live-in girlfriend, after they had a child together, left Sello so angry and bitter that he wanted to kill her.

"I was drinking alcohol and constantly fought with my girlfriend over money issues. She became tired of my drinking and left me after two years. She went back to her mother’s house with our son. I missed her and our child, but she did not want anything to do with me," he said.

Unable to deal with her rejection and the break up, Sello wanted to kill the mother of his child.

"I tried to borrow a gun from my friend and told him that I wanted to protect myself from some people who were harassing me, but he refused because he knew my problems. I did not give up because all I wanted was to see her dead. I bought five litres of paraffin and poured it around her mother's house. I lit it and ran away before the fire started because I did not want their neighbours to see me. The next morning, I went past her mother's house hoping to see it in ashes, but I was disappointed to see the house had not burnt down. I still don’t know what happened to the fire I started on that day.

I remember one day I was angry and sitting alone trying to find another plan to kill her. I found myself listening to the Universal Church's programme. The message about not giving up on life after disappointments challenged me to find help," he said.

In 2002, he started attending services at the church and asked God to heal his broken heart.

"At a service, I understood that I had ill-treated the mother of my child and I realised I needed to stop drinking. I committed my life to God and I was filled with His love. I asked for forgiveness for every attempt I had made to kill the mother of my child. Believing that I was forgiven by God, I was able to make peace with her before she passed on four years ago. I now have a good relationship with my son and I was delivered from anger and bitterness," said Sello.

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