31 January 2019

Anxious and hopeless

Samuel found difficulty in coping with studies at university level and was diagnosed with anxiety.

"I was studying for a degree in Business Administration and the work load was too much for me. I started having constant headaches, sleepless nights and always felt tired. I ended up consulting a doctor who diagnosed anxiety and put me on medication. The treatment he prescribed for me was so strong that I sometimes fell asleep during lectures. As a result, I failed my first and second terms. I lost hope of making it at the end of the year, but I somehow passed even though I obtained low marks," he said.

The following year, Samuel was invited to the Universal Church by a friend who knew that he was battling in his studies.

"I attended services on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from anxiety. I surrendered my life to God and invited Him to guide me. After four months in church, the headaches stopped. I was able to sleep at night and my body became strong. I started doing well at school and I stopped taking the medication.

I did well in my studies and later graduated.  I got a job a year after I graduated. I continued attending the services on Thursdays where I met Buyiswa. We then dated in 1998 and got married a year later. Trusting God with my life enabled me to achieve what was difficult for me," said Samuel.

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