21 May 2019

Confident and at peace

Being Teased and rejected by other learners at school because of her skin condition, left Nomagugu feeling ugly and she tried to commit suicide twice in a year. She developed pimples on her face when she was 11 years old.

"The condition became serious as the pimples became yellow sores that excreted an unpleasant liquid. Other children at school called me ugly and that killed my confidence. No one wanted to play with me which left me a loner," said Nomagugu.

Her mother took her to a dermatologist who prescribed an injection that she had twice a month, but that did not improve her condition. After she completed matric Nomagugu could not secure a job.

"I applied for jobs and went for interviews at different companies, but I was not hired. I started to believe that my skin condition was the main reason I battled to secure a job," said Nomagugu.

Unable to find employment and battling with that skin condition, depressed Nomagugu and she tried to commit suicide when she was 20 years old.

"I drank a one litre bottle of petrol mixed with paraffin. I became weak and started throwing up. The next thing I woke up in hospital where doctors drained the petrol and paraffin out. I was disappointed that I had not died. That same year, I tried killing myself again. I took different kinds of tablets I found in the house and hours later, I passed out. I was admitted to hospital for two days where the doctors drained the medication out," said Nomagugu.

Her friend, who knew her problem, invited Nomagugu to the Universal Church in 2007.

"After two weeks in the church, the pimples dried up and disappeared. I was delivered from suicidal thoughts. I gained confidence and started to appreciate myself the way I am," she said.

In 2014 she was awarded a bursary to study for a diploma in film making and production. At the completion of the course, she decided to create job opportunities for herself and others.

"I started my own film production company in 2016 that has produced two movies. I am now a confident businesswoman and understand that God has a purpose for my life," said Nomagugu.