09 May 2019

Found my way back

Trying to fit in with a group of friends in high school, Mbalenhle stopped attending church services at the Universal Church and bunked classes.

"I became rebellious and disrespected my elders. Bunking classes caused me to underperform in my studies. As a result I failed and hid my report from my parents. I lied that the school had not given us reports. I seldom attended maths classes on Mondays and the teacher reported me to the principal who called my mother to the school.

That was when he found out about my bad behaviour and together with the principal, they agreed that I should go to a skills development college. I was lazy at home and did not do my household chores. I back chatted my mother and refused to be corrected," said Mbalenhle.

Moving to college made Mbalenhle realise that she needed to change.

"I committed myself to God and I attended Youth Power Group meetings on Wednesdays and Sundays. At a meeting I understood that it was God's commandment for me to respect my parents. I started applying the Word of God in my life and made new friends in the church. I became a helpful and respectful child at home. I’m now responsible and more Spiritually mature," she said.