03 August 2022

Grief brought me closer to God

The untimely passing of Ruth's mother and son left her distressed and feeling hopeless. Unable to cope with the pain, she turned to God for help.

“I grew up in a Christian environment, but I was never committed to God. I always sought validation from other people and wanted to please them. My mother was attending services in the Universal Church and she invited me to attend as well. I attended the services just to please her.

My life turned upside when my mother and son passed on. I felt hopeless. I could not believe what had happened. I felt like I was suffocating and I wanted to die as well. The pain I felt was unbearable. I also struggled to sleep at night. At that moment I remembered what my mother had taught me. She taught me to turn to God when facing trying times. I decided to go back to the church.

In the church, I received counselling and I was prayed for. I attended the chains of prayers for my deliverance and inner healing. The pastor told me that God loves me and He wants me to focus on my future and not the past. That message touched me and I got baptised in water because I wanted to start a new journey with God.

I attended Wednesday and Sunday services for my spiritual growth. I prayed and meditated on the word of God.  I committed my life to Him and things turned around. I let go of the past and made peace with my mother and son's passing. I understood that their time had come.

Today, I am no longer depressed and suicidal. I sleep peacefully. I am happy and free. I do not seek validation from anyone because God's approval is all I need,” said Ruth.