12 March 2020

I Was My Own Enemy

“Being in the same grade with my cousin who was a top achiever while I battled with my studies made me suffer from self-esteem in my teen years. Her family was well-off compared to mine and that sometimes made me feel useless.

I later lost interest in everything and I had no drive to take up opportunities presented to me because I felt I was going to fail anyway as I wasn’t good enough. That affected my spiritual life as well. I didn’t see myself as a person that the Holy Spirit would use.

I was filled with doubts and confusion to the point where after completing matric I changed five universities in six years. I continued attending services at the Universal Church, but I was spiritually weak and filled with doubts until 2018, when I decided to speak to a pastor who offered me counselling and encouraged me to commit myself in the Wednesday services in order to have a covenant with God.

At the services, I learnt to replace negativity with godly thoughts. I regained my confidence after I understood that I was unique and I did not need to compare myself to anyone. I developed interest in my studies and I’m now doing a BComm economics degree. My insecurities are a thing of the past because God reminded me of my purpose,” she said.