02 April 2019

I was physically abused

Faith was left angry and humiliated after she was physically abused by her boyfriend who even tried to shoot her.

"My boyfriend drank heavily, forced me to join him when he went to night clubs and beat me up each time I refused to go with him. I became a regular at a local hospital because a week never ended without my being beaten up. At some point I was admitted for four months after he kicked me in my stomach and I had a miscarriage. I tried to break up with him after I was discharged from hospital, but he caught me and locked me in the house where he repeatedly beat me up.

He was so angry and he wanted to shoot me but the bullet missed me by an inch and hit the wall behind me. He later left me and went out to drink. That was when I was able to escape and went to the police station. He threatened to kill me and forced me to drop the charges against him. I hated him and wished he would die so that I could have my freedom back," said Faith.

In 2006, Faith started attending services at the Universal Church after picking up a church newspaper.

"My boyfriend would come into the church drunk and drag me out during services. This continued for six months before I found the courage to break up with him. For the first time he did not become physically abusive towards me. I continued attending the services on Wednesdays and asked God for a forgiving heart. I was able to forgive my boyfriend who had abused and humiliated me for years. I found peace from my painful past and developed a desire for a better life in the presence of God. I am now spiritually matured and enjoying my freedom," she said.

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