06 November 2018

I was told I was ugly at school

Primary school years were a torture for Bontle who was always teased about her looks, resulting in a lack of confidence.

"I was in grade five when other children at school told me that I was ugly. Break time and after school tormented me because I knew I was going to be a victim of bullying. My friends always encouraged me not to listen to those who teased me, however, their words cut deep and remained in my mind. I became frustrated every morning when I thought of going to school because I was going to be mocked.

I could not tell my mother about what I was experiencing at school because I didn't want to seem weak. The whole situation made me lose my self-esteem because whenever I looked in the mirror I saw an ugly little girl. That, however, ended when my mother was invited to the Universal Church. At the Wednesday services I realised that in the eyes of God no one is ugly, we are all specially made in His image.

I also attended Friday services to be delivered from my insecurities. When I went to high school I exuded confidence because I understood God’s love for me. I no longer see an ugly girl in the mirror and I have peace and confidence in myself," she said.  


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