02 April 2019

In search of comfort

"My father lived with another woman while my mother raised me and my siblings by herself. He only came home when it suited him. I didn't enjoy his presence because he was physically abusive towards my mother.

I longed for parental love and warmth that I did not get at home. When I was in high school, I started going out with friends at night and drinking alcohol. I bullied my friends and that made me feel good about myself.

My neighbour, a member of the Universal Church who knew of my wild lifestyle and the situation at home, invited me to the church. I attended Youth Power Group meetings and I was surprised at how happy the young people looked, without being drunk. That's when I asked God to direct my ways and change my life.  I attended Wednesday services for spiritual development, Thursdays for unity in my family as well as Fridays to be delivered from alcohol.

A year later I was able to quit alcohol and stop going out at night. After over two years my father came back to live with us. Love, unity and harmony was restored in my family. I’m happy in the presence of God as He takes care of my every need," said Nompendulo.

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