07 March 2019

Life-changing Decision

A near-death encounter prompted Tiisetso to give up the life of crime he had followed for four years. He was 15 years old when he made friends who introduced him to a notorious gang which drank alcohol and robbed people.

"I continued attending the services at the Universal Church with my parents because I did not want them to know about the dark life I led. We drank alcohol and robbed people of their belongings.

I eventually dropped out of school after I failed grade nine.  I then decided to go back to school after staying away for a year because my parents did not know that I was no longer studying. My wild life still proved to be a problem.  I skipped classes and went to drink at a nearby tavern," said Tiisetso.

Tiisetso recalls the incident when he was beaten by a mob after stealing from an elderly man.

"I had to avoid being seen by my mother. I told her I was going to stay over at a friend's place for a week. I stayed there until the bruises were not visible any more. That incident prompted me to change my life style," said Tiisetso.

In 2016 Tiisetso committed his life to God.

"I took part in the chain of prayer on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from my criminal activities and alcohol addiction. I was also able to focus on my studies and passed matric very well.  A few months later I was able to stop drinking alcohol and give up all my criminal activities. I now live a life that pleases God and I am at peace with everyone around me," he said.

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