15 March 2019

Live a lie

Pride, pleasing friends and stealing money from his family were all the bad habits that characterised Christopher's life for over four years until he attended the Amandla' Ngawethu event at Ellis Park stadium. 

"I always wanted to be the star in my circle of friends and impress them with expensive clothes and alcohol. To finance my lifestyle, I stole money from my family and denied it every time I was confronted. My family lost trust in me and that affected our relationship. I bought more alcohol than my friends to gain their respect and feel powerful. I was also full of pride and looked down on other people as I thought I was better than everyone," he said.

Christopher later moved to Johannesburg and that same year was invited to the Universal Church. 

"I started engaging in different movements of faith, however I still battled with alcohol and pride issues. The following year I attended the Good Friday event that was held at Ellis Park Stadium. That's where my eyes were opened when I understood that God hated pride. I also realised that I had been unfair for stealing from my family to please friends. After that service I turned my back on alcohol and committed to God. I slowly regained my family’s trust and they noticed the change in my character. I have been born again as I no longer steal or drink alcohol. I respect everyone and no longer look down on anyone," said Christopher.