25 March 2020

Poverty Exposed Me To Criminal Activities

From the age of 11, Godfrey and his two siblings had to learn to fend for themselves and become involved in criminal activities to put food on the table.

Their mother, a domestic worker, lived with her employers and only visited home once a year. “The money she sent us was always too little to provide for all our needs.

In our efforts to put food on the table, we ended up stealing and gambling. My elder sister would sometimes steal vegetables from our neighbours’ garden while my little brother and I played dice and zwipi. On days we did not win, we went to bed without eating.

The few days that my mother visited us were the best times of my childhood because I did not worry about what we were going to eat. The poverty I was subjected to turned me into an angry boy who fought with other children,” said Godfrey.

After three years, Godfery’s mother came back home and started attending services at the Universal Church. “I joined her and attended services where I understood that I needed to let go of the things that did not please God in my life.

I committed my life to God and I found the courage to study hard and pass my matric in order to improve my family’s nancial situation. I did well in matric and later found a job as an event organiser.

My siblings are also working and we are now providing for her. Committing my life to God gave me peace, took me out of the criminal activities I was involved in and restored my dignity,” said Godfrey.