10 October 2023

Pregnant and lost

“As a teenager, I started attending services in the Universal Church. However, my spiritual life did not thrive during this time. I neglected reading the Bible and fasting as I should have. Though I attended church services regularly, I was not committed to God.

In high school, I yearned for attention which led me to start dating. I became pregnant and made the difficult decision to have an abortion. Overwhelmed with guilt, I started to distance myself from the church, attending occasionally or not at all.

I felt empty and turned to alcohol as a means of escape. I indulged in drinking and partying, trying to fill the void inside me. Unfortunately, this lifestyle resulted in another pregnancy. It was a challenging and isolating experience, and despite occasional visits from church members, I resisted returning to the church due to my guilt and the shame associated with my lifestyle.

I hit rock bottom, burdened by the pain caused by heavy drinking. It was at that moment I realised I needed to return to the church. However, doubts and fears plagued my mind. I questioned whether my prayers were sincere and if God would truly listen. I sought guidance from the pastor who advised me to participate in the chain of prayers for my deliverance.

Through this process, I realised that I needed to receive the Holy Spirit because only He could transform me completely. I prayed and read the Bible every day.  I participated in the 21-day Fast of Daniel and focused on deepening my understanding of scripture and I found great solace in the book, “In the Footsteps of Jesus”.

Receiving the Holy Spirit was a profound and overwhelming experience. It eliminated my doubts and fears and offered me the assurance of my salvation and a deep sense of peace. I found joy in the presence of God, filling the void that had plagued me for so long. This encounter with the Holy Spirit renewed my commitment and strengthened my desire to serve God.

I longer drink alcohol or go to parties. I no longer yearn for attention and I live a peaceful life because the presence of God is inside of me,” said Mimi.