09 October 2018

Rejection and suicide

Emotional abuse and rejection were part of Karabo's life after she moved in with her brother.

"My father passed away while my mother was pregnant with me. My mother followed when I was two years old. I was then raised by different relatives until I was taken by my older brother when I was 13 years old. My brother lived with his girlfriend and they ill-treated me. He made me clean, cook and do laundry while his girlfriend did nothing in the house. He sometimes woke me up at night to do the house chores I did not do during the day.

He also did not provide for me financially even though he worked. I never had basic needs as a young woman. I would use an old newspaper in place of sanitary towels because I could not afford them," said Karabo.

In despair over her situation, Karabo went to a nearby railway line with the intention of throwing herself in front of a moving train.

"I could not follow through with my plan because I saw someone I knew at the train station and I ended up walking back with her," said Karabo.

At the age of 15 she attended church services with her aunt.

"I prayed for my deliverance from suicidal thoughts and inner healing. I made peace with my brother. We now have a good relationship and he provides for me financially. I was also delivered from suicidal thoughts," said Karabo.