12 July 2019

The presence of God brought me peace

Despite being a member at the Universal Church for four years and overcoming her alcohol addiction, Suzan still had to deal with the consequences of her past. She had no peace at home because of her daughter who abused alcohol and became disrespectful.

"My daughter was 15 years old when she started coming home drunk. Sometimes she slept out, back chatted and walked away while I was talking to her. Her behaviour bothered me so much that I became spiritually weak and hardly prayed about it," she said.

When the 21 Days Fast of Daniel was introduced, Suzan took it as an opportunity to seek God's presence in her life.

"I had been in the church for four years when I realised that I needed God’s intervention in my life and the Holy Spirit to guide me. I took part in the 21 Days Fast of Daniel, read the Bible and prayed often. I realised that I was not battling to pray like I did before. I surrendered my daughter's life to God and I asked Him to guide me. I realised that I needed to learn to be patient with my daughter and show her love in order to win her.

After seven days, I started seeing changes in my daughter. She no longer drank, she started respecting me and apologised whenever she wronged me. Our relationship was restored. I developed inner peace and there was harmony in my house. My daughter is now married and has a family of her own. The presence of the Holy Spirit in my life brought me peace," said Suzan.