01 August 2018

wrong choices haunted me

Becoming friends with the wrong type of people made Dimakatso lead the kind of life that she later regretted.

She drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and started dating when she was in grade 11. She soon became pregnant after less than a year in a relationship.

"I did not know my boyfriend well because our relationship was still new. Becoming pregnant was the last thing I wanted and I was not ready to become a mother. I kept my pregnancy a secret because I feared my strict grandmother would chase me out of her house. To make matters worse, my boyfriend denied being the father of the baby when I was four months pregnant. That was the end of our relationship," said Dimakatso.

Her family only learned about her pregnancy after she attempted suicide by overdosing on tablets.

"I wanted to terminate the pregnancy at six months but I did not have the courage to go about it the right way. My last resort was to end my life. I drank an entire packet of tablets that I got from the clinic when I went for a check-up.

I became dizzy, vomited blood and fainted in my room. I woke up in hospital and the doctors drained out the medication. It was then that they told me, in the presence of my family members, that the baby was healthy and unharmed.  My grandmother was shocked at the news. I was discharged and went back home. My family gave me the support I needed financially and emotionally. I later gave birth to a healthy baby girl," she said.

After the baby was born, Dimakatso realised she needed to change because she did not want to disappoint her family who forgave her and supported her when she was pregnant. A pastor from a nearby Universal Church visited her home and invited her to attend the services.

"I attended the services and committed my life to God. I took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays for my spiritual development and on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol and cigarettes. I applied the teachings of faith in my daily life. I stopped drinking and smoking and left the friends I had because I no longer had anything in common with them. I understood my soul was precious before God and I was delivered from suicidal thoughts," said Dimakatso.  

She continued attending the services and her spiritual life developed. In 2017, she married Toka in the church after they had dated for two years.

"My daughter is the reminder of God’s grace in my life. My husband accepted my child as his own and he provides for us financially. I am happily married and blessed with another child. I value my spiritual life more than anything in life," said Dimakatso.

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