30 June 2021 0 likes
Finding out the truth about my father made me feel like my whole life had been a lie. I became a very lonely person. I had a void inside me. I was very angry and bitter because of the problems in my family. Things were so bad that I began smoking at 1
21 May 2021 0 likes
I was ill so much that I could not walk properly. I also had a constant headache. I felt like there was something strangling me at night during my sleep. My ill health made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I was the only ill child among everyone I knew. I couldn’t play with my friends outside because I was bedridden most of the time and that depressed me. Sometimes my friends at school had to take me home because I could not walk properly when I was ill. I thought that I was going to die. My family took me to different doctors, but they couldn’t diagnose my illness
25 April 2020 0 likes
Kate slipped into depression soon after she was married and had to live with her in-laws who ill-treated her.
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From as young as six, committing suicide. I moved from one relative to another because my mother spent so much time in hospital after she was severely burnt.
15 March 2020 0 likes
Maria's husband was so angered by his wife giving birth to a baby girl with a disability, while he had been hoping for a boy, that he eventually left her for another woman.
15 March 2020 0 likes
Sinazo became an angry child with suicidal thoughts when she compared the hardships of her childhood with those of her siblings who had everything.