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Sbongile’s body was constantly itching, but doctors could not find any visible cause. In addition, being a young mother, she struggled to support her child and continue her education on the limited income she earned.
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Struggling to secure a job added to my hardships, leaving me in a constant battle to make ends meet. Although I was reluctant at first, I was eventually persuaded to attend services in the Universal Church.
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Despite enduring the loss of her parents and grappling with anger and sickness, Julia discovered the transformative power of faith and witnessed the miraculous blessings that come from an unwavering belief in God.
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I was very sick and had sores all over my body. It was worse at night. I could not sleep. My skin was dry and would peel off. This had a devastating effect on my self-esteem because I could not be among people. I had to isolate myself.
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Finding out the truth about my father made me feel like my whole life had been a lie. I became a very lonely person. I had a void inside me. I was very angry and bitter because of the problems in my family.
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I was ill so much that I could not walk properly. I also had a constant headache. I felt like there was something strangling me at night during my sleep. My ill health made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I was the only ill child among everyone I knew.