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"For a year, I was in and out of hospital after I developed itchy sores. I scratched my scalp until it bled. I applied different scalp creams that were prescribed by the doctors, but my condition did not improve. My head was always bald and other learners mistook me for a boy.
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Thabo's life became a roller-coaster ride after he lost his mother, moved in with his aunt who ill-treated him and was then diagnosed with epilepsy seven years later.
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For the first time in 30 years, Marshal was able to live without his asthmatic pump. He was born asthmatic and had to take his pump wherever he went.
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"Moving from one family to another from the time I started school exposed me to ill-treatment and later led to depression. My father was a missionary worker who travelled throughout the country, while my mother was in a mental institution after she had a nervous breakdown.
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Years of persistent headaches and the pain she suffered after twisting her ankle came to an end after Maureen attended a New Year's Event held by the Universal Church at FNB Stadium.
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Hazel's drive to be a top achiever was the reason she later suffered from a diathesis stress, a mental illness.